Does the suit suit you?

Take a look at these pictures and notice what your first impressions are…

Let’s take a moment to discuss men’s attire. How many times in the office or even around town do you see men with ill-fitting clothing? Maybe these men are trying to hide a belly or maybe they think they wear a size that they wore 25 pounds before they started working out. A lot of people think that by wearing larger clothes than they actually need they will “hide” or appear smaller. If you are a man wearing a shirt that goes down to your knees (yes I’ve seen this) and then tuck it into your pants… well, just don’t. 

Dress for the body you have, not the one you want. We’ve all heard that, but if you don’t have massive biceps and upper body then don’t wear the suit for someone who is actually built like that. Do you really want to be that kid from that movie Big?

The answer is no, in case you weren’t sure. So the next time you (or your man) put on that sharp suit try to look objectively at the entire ensemble. You may not be the size you want, but dress what you have to look sharp. After all people make their first impressions of you, which are hard to overwrite, in under three seconds. 

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