Fall Look Book Part One

What if I told you that this fall rock what you got was on trend? Feminism and activism was a major player in the choices by Creative Directors’ fashion design for Fall 2017. Fashion has always been influenced by the political climate and this year was no exception. 

Are you wearing a whale born corset? No, because they went out of fashion with the rise of  women’s lib and attire women could actually move in. Remember when women wanted to demonstrate independence from men and so they burned their bras or walked around sans bra in the 1960s?

Calvin Klein and Fendi embraced natural hair textures and no makeup for Fall 2017. How to make this look office appropriate without looking like you just rolled out of bed (because I know you didn’t), pair the look with stunning pieces. While fur coats and bright raincoats might not be your thing you can pair the natural hair and makeup with a crisp shirt and tailored pants. 

I’m loving the light highlight on the inner eye at Calvin Klein. Simply apply a glowy shadow or a highlighter to the inner eye for a brightening effect. The key to achieving this look and pulling it off well is going to be good skin. So please remember to moisturize, cleanse, use a good eye cream, and never sleep in your makeup. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to best achieve a natural glow. Dehydration never suited anyone. If you want to go the extra mile eat extra fruits and veggies or sip a smoothie. Check out instagram for some awesome recipes!


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