Fun with Makeup

If you ever wonder if celebrities always look totally flawless, no… They also wake up just like us, with a little help. With the help of makeup artists they go from looking beautiful to flawless. Makeup-less selfies were all the rage last year, but in case you missed a few, here are some reminders that they are actually quite similar to us.

I’d love to have you join me at one of En Pointe’s upcoming seminars or workshops. If you’re more of a one-on-one woman, then give me a call or send an email. You’ll be the star and we’ll bring out the va va voom!

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Center Part Reigns 

Everyone loves a sassy side part and for years the center part has fallen by the wayside. The middle regains popularity as evidence on the runways, Met Gala 2017, and street style. 

Whether you prefer your hair straight and sleek, beachy and boho, or short and cropped there is something for everyone. Finally something in the middle. What are your thoughts on the center part?

Coachella Hair

Springtime means Coachella, and Coachella sets the trends for spring and summer festivals. This year say goodbye to the flower crowns and hello to rainbow and unicorn inspired hair. Step up your braids with glitter, and if you’re feeling crazy make it a fun color. Wear your hair down and natural for a laidback look. Show off your amazing texture and let your curls down. 

I’m loving the adorned braids we are seeing. Metal hair accessories are trending, from ornate gold flowers, to punk rings looped around braids and statement metallic headbands. How do you plan to bring this into your weekend or festival fun?

Back in Black

This past season we’ve seen a trend moving away from makeup, non-touring, light or no eye makeup… well this fall look forward to fun and smudgy black eyes for a look that says lux, yet disheveled and lived in. 

If you like a really “lived in,” club type look, I recommend using a kohl pencil. One of my favorites is Noir by Chanel. This will give you a nice smudgy look. Smudgy makeup not your thing, then I would stick to a waterproof eyeliner and you can always layer Vaseline on top for a good runway trick to get that shiny look. 

Be sure to top off the look with a lush coat of mascara for a complete look that says, “I care, but not too much.” Most of all, have fun!

Empowered by neon

Empowered, bold, unashamed- these are some of the words I would use to describe the Beauty Looks for Fall Fashion 2017 for Prabal Gurung, Versace, and Vivienne Westwood. Drawing inspiration from punk, and patterns from Africa with strong geomatics Vivienne Westwood encourages all of us to bring out the inner rebel with our makeup and fall fashion. 

Prabal Gurung was inspired by the bold and powerful woman. Donatella Versace’s was makeup inspired by herself. Pat McGrath did the models makeup in bold darkness using pencil, powder, and grease. 

If bold is your thing and statement looks are the love of your life, then this look is definitely for you. How to make the runway more street friendly or wearable for work? Try sweeping on a bright shadow from the crease down and the pair the look with the rest of the skin clean and pristine and a clear, glossy lip. 

I’m loving Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette, 21 colors, and paraben free: available at Sephora for a limited time
Dior sets the bar with their limited edition Blue Gradation and I’m obsessed with their bright blue waterproof mascara in Diorshow. 

Grab a bold liner, try a new mascara, or set your eyes ablaze with rainbow or black shadows. Either way you swipe it you’re sure to grab attention. 

Fall Look Book Part One

What if I told you that this fall rock what you got was on trend? Feminism and activism was a major player in the choices by Creative Directors’ fashion design for Fall 2017. Fashion has always been influenced by the political climate and this year was no exception. 

Are you wearing a whale born corset? No, because they went out of fashion with the rise of  women’s lib and attire women could actually move in. Remember when women wanted to demonstrate independence from men and so they burned their bras or walked around sans bra in the 1960s?

Calvin Klein and Fendi embraced natural hair textures and no makeup for Fall 2017. How to make this look office appropriate without looking like you just rolled out of bed (because I know you didn’t), pair the look with stunning pieces. While fur coats and bright raincoats might not be your thing you can pair the natural hair and makeup with a crisp shirt and tailored pants. 

I’m loving the light highlight on the inner eye at Calvin Klein. Simply apply a glowy shadow or a highlighter to the inner eye for a brightening effect. The key to achieving this look and pulling it off well is going to be good skin. So please remember to moisturize, cleanse, use a good eye cream, and never sleep in your makeup. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to best achieve a natural glow. Dehydration never suited anyone. If you want to go the extra mile eat extra fruits and veggies or sip a smoothie. Check out instagram for some awesome recipes!

Nailed it!

Have you ever thought about you nails? What about your hands? Hands tell secrets you may not know you’re revealing. Who are you? Are you a mechanic, a typist, a business woman? When you shake hands upon meeting someone are you extending ragged cuticles or last week’s chipped manicure?

Stop it! They don’t have to be perfectly polished with the latest trendy color. In fact if you can’t keep or maintain the color, please do us all a favor and go with something neutral, soft, and easy to maintain. In fact, don’t paint them at all if you prefer. A beautifully buffed and shiny nail is just as chic as the latest runway color.

Taking care of your hands and nails, which by the way everyone sees, says a lot. Clean and well groomed (polished or not) say, “I notice the little things. I am clean and care for myself and the people whose hands I shake and meet. I keep up with the basics.”

So before you go out on a date or apply for a new job look down at your hands. Would you want to have those fingers running over your body? Would you want to hire the person with cuticles in critical condition?  If the visible grooming is lacking, what does your date’s grooming you can’t see have going on? What will the new employee’s desk look like in 2 months?

If nothing good comes to mind, let’s be real. Go grab a nail brush and some hand lotion and take care of that. Now.

Limited edition Spring 2017, Dior

I’m loving OPIs Infinite Shine. Great staying power and vibrant colors. Spring 2017 Fiji collection.

Celebrate Beauty


Rejoice! Let’s take a moment to celebrate that we are seeing diversity more on the runways, in fashion ads, and other forms of media. Is it perfect? Absolute not. Do we still have a long way to go? 100%!

As a young girl I remember being frustrated in the 80s and 90s because the dolls almost all had blonde hair and blue eyes, hardly anyone in the magazines had an olive skin tone, and I just didn’t feel like they looked anything like me. That was my story and I am sure that everyone has a similar story if in anyway they felt as if they weren’t pretty enough, small enough, something was lacking…

Now as a single mom of two beautiful African American daughters, diversity in media and fashion is more important than ever to me.

As the owner of En Pointe Image Consulting I believe in empowering women and helping them find their own beauty. So get out there and rock what you got!