Grammy Inspo

Grammys 2018 were all about statements, being bold and embracing self. I loved the many colors and unique dresses, jumpsuits, and pantsuits the women wore! Enjoy a few looks below and how you can get a similar vibe at a non-celebrity price.

Camila CabelloCamila Cabello is ravishing in red!Saks Red

Dolce and Gabanna available at SAKS.Dolce and Gabbana at SAKS

Nordstrom Red

The rosettes on this dress are so  lux! Nordstrom Rosette Dress

Props to Miley to rocking her own thing and wearing this hot black jumpsuit by Jean Paul Gaultier.

Miley in black jumpsuit

Nordstrom Black jumpsuit

Truly Nordstrom is killing it with these prices… What?!

Macys jumpsuit

Adrianna Papell at Macy’s with a fun twist on the top. Buy here

Um… Yes, Chrissy.


Revolve House of Harlow

Revolve House of Harlow’s look is quite different, but gives a similar feeling. Buy here

Silver Macy's DressMacy’s has another alternative Shimmer here


Spring/Summer Street Style Wrap

Well! That’s a wrap. In case you’ve missed Fashion Week across the pond for Spring/Summer 2018, here are some snaps of my favorites. Since I was here stateside holding things down I was unable to attend. However, I would like to thank Glamour, Allure, WWD, Fashionista, Harper’s Bazaar, and Who What Wear for the compilations of photos and keeping me up to date. The photography below is not mine, but I have compiled a fun and easy summary of Street Style from Seoul Fashion Week, Tokyo Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week, Milan Fashion Week, and London Fashion Week. Enjoy your visual tour!

I love Asian Fashion! When I taught university in Dalian China, I remember all the students talking about how cool the Korean students were. With the recent boom in wealth, social media, K-pop, South Korean is rapidly becoming an epicenter for rapidly evolving fashion. From the above pictures you can see the vibrancy, freedom in dressing, and outfits that if worn in the US would cause a possible uproar. Men in snakeskin orange pants, does it get any more creative than that? I think not!

Welcome to Tokyo, where the newest fashion invention is thong jeans. Yes, thong jeans. In a country where business practices are extremely formal, polite, and restraint is a desired attribute, the fashions emerging from Tokyo are anything but. Tokyo’s fashions, sub-cultures, and styles turn over as rapidly as their technological advances and technology. With street style and fashion houses centered in Tokyo, the innovation and artistic styles are fun to keep up with each Fashion Week!

Ahhh, Paris, often considered the fashion capital of the world. France boasts big names such as Jean-Paul Gaultier, Yves Saint Laurent, Pierre Cardin, Chanel, Dior, Christian Louboutin, Thierry Mugler, and that is just the beginning of the power houses behind this artistic country. Although the majority of French women prefer a more classic look, such a jeans a blazer, or sleek black outfits with simple lines, they focus on lux fabrics such as cashmere and silk. Paris Fashion Week is a fun time for these classy residents to enjoy the visual art masterpieces walking around the city of lights.

Milan, a city of love and luxury is recognized as a fashion hub. Milan developed its reputation for simplicity and high quality textiles many years ago. The Middle Ages and the Renaissance had Milan popping with luxury goods, and leading the import and export business in high quality goods. Today Milan boasts major Italian fashion houses such as Armani, Bottega Veneta, Canali, Dolce & Gabbana, Miu Miu, Prada, Versace, and the list goes on. While there are many new and unusual pieces by these designers by favorite is always the classic with a twist in an unexpected color. Enjoy the vibrant life!

Can we take a moment to celebrate beautifully tailored clothes and customization? For many these may be some of the first things that come to mind. From a major hub for trade and to an expanding clothing industry largely due to immigrants, London has been an important center of trade and fashion. Londoners pride themselves in a sense of tradition mixed with innovation, and a sprinkle of theatricality. Even current designers are often inspired by street fashion and can thank some success abroad to movements such as club scene, post-punk, and new-romanticism to the very streets of London.

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Recreating Venice Film Festival Looks

If you loved some of the fashion from Venice Film Festival this week here are a few to check out. You want to look stunning for that special event this fall. Below I’ve listed a few of my favorites and where you can find something with a similar vibe. Which looks at you loving right now?

BCBG wins with this!
 Very wearable black lace dress from Nordstrom.

All the sequins at Venice Film Festival.

Try these fun looks for a festive fall!

Love this navy and metallic one available here:

If you’re a ruffles and frills sort of woman this is a dream come true.

The black and white are classic paired with this fun and modern, feminine silhouette.

V-neckline, lace, and ankle-length dress make this black dress fresh and new.|BOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26spc%3D287%26rsid%3Dundefined%26pn%3D1|4|5|287

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Weddings: What to Wear (and not wear)

Last weekend I attended a wedding. This got me thinking that it is time to brush up on what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to wear to someone else’s wedding. 

Let me break it down for you. 

1. This is the brides day, not anyone else’s. Any attire that may detract from “all eyes on her,” should be reserved for a different time. So please, keep it classy and let her be the star.

2. No one wants to see your goodies. Save the cleavage, the micro minidress, too sheer, and too tight attire for another night. 

3. Is this how you would like to be remembered forever? This couple will have plenty of photos from their wedding and you really don’t want to be “that person.” We all know who I’m talking about… the one who needs cropped out!

So how can you have fun with your outfit on someone’s wedding day?

1. Fun/bold/timeless jewelry. Whatever you thing is this is a great way to showcase your personality. 

2. Hair and makeup. Hello Pinterest and creative braids and makeup ideas!

3. Fabulous shoes! Go big, go bright, go bold. This is a great way to add a little flavor to your outfit. Just make sure you bring some flats to change into if you plan on lots of wine and dancing. 

Please do not…

Find inspiration for a casual (often afternoon or morning) wedding…

For slightly more formal weddings I’m loving these looks!

Brands I love for these sort of events:

Anthropology- just add gold jewelry

Antonio Melani 

Vince Camuto

Banana Republic- classy yet fresh

Calvin Klein 

BCBG- a personal favorite 

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Chanel Resort 

Journey to beautiful Greece with Chanel’s Resort. Karl Lagerfeld is a master at transporting to other exotic locations for his collections, and Chanel Resort 2018 did just this. Lagerfeld combined some of our favorite Chanel signature looks such as tweed and draping material to create a modern take and exotic twist. 

I’m loving the gladiator heels! Does it get much better than bright or black heels with fantastic lacing!? I also enjoy the silky black headbands for a reminder of old school uptown. The pseudo-Egyptian eyeliner really finishes the look for an unexpected twist of international exoticism and our timeless favorites!

When asked what inspired him Lagerfeld said that two key items were the columns of Ancient Greece and pottery in red and black. As always he points back to a key element of Coco Mademoiselle, her apartment on Rue Cambon and a Venus statue she had.

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Business Professional: Women’s Interview Outfits

When you go for a job interview the things you want shining the most are you skills and your personality, not your jewelry or vibrant lipstick. Although this may be a downer for some fashionistas or people who pride themselves on a signature look, these things can be highly distracting to a potential employer. 

Acceptable Accessories: small ring (no more than one on each hand- I learned this while working for Disney, as it was one of their dress code rules), a small and understated necklace (think classic pearls, simple gold or silver necklace with no religious symbols or medalians), and one pair of small dime size or smaller studs or hoops in gold or silver (another Disney regulation).


Cover up tattoos

Closed toed, sleek and simple shoes are best

Natural or nude nail polish if anything, and keep nails at a “working/sport” length

Keep makeup natural and simple

If you have hair past the shoulders pull it back in a bun, chignon twist, or a ponytail 

Make sure the detailing on your clothing looks clean and fresh- iron the shirt, polish the shoes, and make sure all hems are intact
Finally add your best posture and a pleasant smile. Confidence and calm energy finish off the look!

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Spring Fashion and Office Attire

Everyone loves spring and warmer weather. Let’s remember a few things as we transition into the warmer weather. 

1. Keep it office appropriate- modesty never goes out of style, and everyone will remember the girl whose skirt showed everything.

2. You can incorporate fun colors and patterns in simple ways to keep your attire work appropriate yet seasonable and fashionable. 

3. Generally speaking flip flops are not office attire, although a few corporate cultures may be more lenient. 

4. When wearing a cami or sleeveless shirt, be sure to keep some things a mystery. No one needs to see all of that.
On a fun note, here are some of my favorite trends for the spring.

Stripes! Perfect for putting some fun color in with the wardrobe you already own. Whether you prefer sailor stripes, or rainbow stripes there is something for everyone. 

Florals are everywhere! If you’re not a super floral or frilly person, but want to try this look try pairing it with a black leather skirt, studded boots or espadrilles, or a leather moto jacket. 

Zac Posen pulled out popping colors in fun patterns. Not feeling up to the entire dress in bright orange or pink? Then try a bright skirt with a neutral jacket or cardigan. 

How do you like to have fun with your spring work wardrobe?

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Does the suit suit you?

Take a look at these pictures and notice what your first impressions are…

Let’s take a moment to discuss men’s attire. How many times in the office or even around town do you see men with ill-fitting clothing? Maybe these men are trying to hide a belly or maybe they think they wear a size that they wore 25 pounds before they started working out. A lot of people think that by wearing larger clothes than they actually need they will “hide” or appear smaller. If you are a man wearing a shirt that goes down to your knees (yes I’ve seen this) and then tuck it into your pants… well, just don’t. 

Dress for the body you have, not the one you want. We’ve all heard that, but if you don’t have massive biceps and upper body then don’t wear the suit for someone who is actually built like that. Do you really want to be that kid from that movie Big?

The answer is no, in case you weren’t sure. So the next time you (or your man) put on that sharp suit try to look objectively at the entire ensemble. You may not be the size you want, but dress what you have to look sharp. After all people make their first impressions of you, which are hard to overwrite, in under three seconds. 

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All about the “notice me” shoes

Love fashion forward shoes and also comfort? With Alexander Wang and Adidas new partnership you can have both. This Saturday April 1st their third drop comes with two styles, skater style and basketball inspired. Although you might not want to play basketball in them they would be perfect paired with skinny jeans, a short pencil skirt, or flared slacks for an unexpected look. 

As the forward thinking young fashion designer and previous Creative Director of Balenciaga, Alexander Wang is merging creativity and comfort in a way that seems to speak to those of us craving fashion but loving comfort. See more of his work here.

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Love it? Hate it? Can’t ignore it. Green, greenery to be specific is Pantone’s color of the year. So get ready to be seeing it everywhere. Although it was announced in the winter when few people were thinking spring, with today being the first day of spring it seems a suitable time to revisit this.

Happy first day of spring! Here are a few ways to incorporate Greenery into your wardrobe…





Silky blouse

Fun tshirt

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