Ever since I was a little girl I’ve loved playing dress up. I loved feeling beautiful and wearing my dress up clothes from my parents. As I got to high school I spent more time in JNCOs and skater clothes, preferring to spend my time doing things like theatre, working in an orphanage in Mexico as a translator, and taking ballet. 

It was when I got to university, worked with local event planners, and as a counter manager at a Clinique counter that I realized I could pull all of these things together. I could empower women by showing them how beautiful they were and how to best present themselves to the world. 

After university I went to China and taught English in Dalian, otherwise known as the fashion capital of China. I saw women rocking whatever made them feel beautiful- fur coats and vintage mittens with a Fendi bag, or Japanese style low-crotch jeans, trucker hats, and red lipstick. Although to an American the combinations may have seemed ridiculous, they definitely made a statement. What I loved the most was that they felt they could wear whatever they wanted and no one batted an eye. 

Upon returning to the US I moved to Ohio, joined a dance company and worked for Thierry Mugler, Angel, and Burberry. Jump forward and I was recruited to work for Chanel at a department store. I continued dance classes, although I was no longer dancing for a company, and was honored to be a part of many wonderful productions in North East Ohio theatre. 

Although I officially opened my business several years ago, due to some dramatic (yes, I’m a theatre girl, dramatic) life changes I had to put it all on hold. Through the waiting I experienced many amazing opportunities including plenty of travel, including returning to China to do bridal makeup, working for Apple, joining several NPOs and learning more about the region I was now living in. 

I’ve been beyond blessed to be able to work for some amazing companies (#Disney) and travel and work around the world. What I’ve learned is that while we may all have our different ideals of beauty, often which comes from our culture, we all want to feel our best. The no makeup beachy look that works for one woman will never be for the woman that feels best in her crisp white shirt and cool bob. Both are lovely and both are individual. 

En Pointe was started to help others find their best self. However you want to improve your personal life- business, professional, relational, I want to help you do it. From wardrobe consultations, personal shopping, makeup application and more En Pointe offers services to meet whatever needs you have. So let’s build that resume, put on the heels (or trendy sneakers), and drink that green smoothie (or caramel macchiato). Get ready to have fun and create the best you!