Recreating Venice Film Festival Looks

If you loved some of the fashion from Venice Film Festival this week here are a few to check out. You want to look stunning for that special event this fall. Below I’ve listed a few of my favorites and where you can find something with a similar vibe. Which looks at you loving right now?

BCBG wins with this!
 Very wearable black lace dress from Nordstrom.

All the sequins at Venice Film Festival.

Try these fun looks for a festive fall!

Love this navy and metallic one available here:

If you’re a ruffles and frills sort of woman this is a dream come true.

The black and white are classic paired with this fun and modern, feminine silhouette.

V-neckline, lace, and ankle-length dress make this black dress fresh and new.|BOOST%20SAVED%20SET%26spc%3D287%26rsid%3Dundefined%26pn%3D1|4|5|287

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