Weddings: What to Wear (and not wear)

Last weekend I attended a wedding. This got me thinking that it is time to brush up on what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to wear to someone else’s wedding. 

Let me break it down for you. 

1. This is the brides day, not anyone else’s. Any attire that may detract from “all eyes on her,” should be reserved for a different time. So please, keep it classy and let her be the star.

2. No one wants to see your goodies. Save the cleavage, the micro minidress, too sheer, and too tight attire for another night. 

3. Is this how you would like to be remembered forever? This couple will have plenty of photos from their wedding and you really don’t want to be “that person.” We all know who I’m talking about… the one who needs cropped out!

So how can you have fun with your outfit on someone’s wedding day?

1. Fun/bold/timeless jewelry. Whatever you thing is this is a great way to showcase your personality. 

2. Hair and makeup. Hello Pinterest and creative braids and makeup ideas!

3. Fabulous shoes! Go big, go bright, go bold. This is a great way to add a little flavor to your outfit. Just make sure you bring some flats to change into if you plan on lots of wine and dancing. 

Please do not…

Find inspiration for a casual (often afternoon or morning) wedding…

For slightly more formal weddings I’m loving these looks!

Brands I love for these sort of events:

Anthropology- just add gold jewelry

Antonio Melani 

Vince Camuto

Banana Republic- classy yet fresh

Calvin Klein 

BCBG- a personal favorite 

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