Chanel Resort 

Journey to beautiful Greece with Chanel’s Resort. Karl Lagerfeld is a master at transporting to other exotic locations for his collections, and Chanel Resort 2018 did just this. Lagerfeld combined some of our favorite Chanel signature looks such as tweed and draping material to create a modern take and exotic twist. 

I’m loving the gladiator heels! Does it get much better than bright or black heels with fantastic lacing!? I also enjoy the silky black headbands for a reminder of old school uptown. The pseudo-Egyptian eyeliner really finishes the look for an unexpected twist of international exoticism and our timeless favorites!

When asked what inspired him Lagerfeld said that two key items were the columns of Ancient Greece and pottery in red and black. As always he points back to a key element of Coco Mademoiselle, her apartment on Rue Cambon and a Venus statue she had.

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