Business Professional: Women’s Interview Outfits

When you go for a job interview the things you want shining the most are you skills and your personality, not your jewelry or vibrant lipstick. Although this may be a downer for some fashionistas or people who pride themselves on a signature look, these things can be highly distracting to a potential employer. 

Acceptable Accessories: small ring (no more than one on each hand- I learned this while working for Disney, as it was one of their dress code rules), a small and understated necklace (think classic pearls, simple gold or silver necklace with no religious symbols or medalians), and one pair of small dime size or smaller studs or hoops in gold or silver (another Disney regulation).


Cover up tattoos

Closed toed, sleek and simple shoes are best

Natural or nude nail polish if anything, and keep nails at a “working/sport” length

Keep makeup natural and simple

If you have hair past the shoulders pull it back in a bun, chignon twist, or a ponytail 

Make sure the detailing on your clothing looks clean and fresh- iron the shirt, polish the shoes, and make sure all hems are intact
Finally add your best posture and a pleasant smile. Confidence and calm energy finish off the look!

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