The Gratefulness Habit

It can be easy for us to see what could be better in our lives- what we want to improve, what we want more of, who has it better… the list goes on. 

Actually appreciating where we are in life, if not the whole day then something small like the weather, a friendship, a present, can lead to a better perspective. When we have a better perspective we smile more, attract more positive people into our lives, and we have a better overall approach to handling life’s challenges. 

Let me challenge you to finding three things every day in your life that you are grateful for. 

Today mine would be:

1. The rain that we’ve had because my flowers and yard are amazing!

2. My girlfriends that I will be doing a relay marathon with this weekend. 

3. The Met Gala and the fact that I live ina country that celebrates and promotes the arts. 

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