Nailed it!

Have you ever thought about you nails? What about your hands? Hands tell secrets you may not know you’re revealing. Who are you? Are you a mechanic, a typist, a business woman? When you shake hands upon meeting someone are you extending ragged cuticles or last week’s chipped manicure?

Stop it! They don’t have to be perfectly polished with the latest trendy color. In fact if you can’t keep or maintain the color, please do us all a favor and go with something neutral, soft, and easy to maintain. In fact, don’t paint them at all if you prefer. A beautifully buffed and shiny nail is just as chic as the latest runway color.

Taking care of your hands and nails, which by the way everyone sees, says a lot. Clean and well groomed (polished or not) say, “I notice the little things. I am clean and care for myself and the people whose hands I shake and meet. I keep up with the basics.”

So before you go out on a date or apply for a new job look down at your hands. Would you want to have those fingers running over your body? Would you want to hire the person with cuticles in critical condition?  If the visible grooming is lacking, what does your date’s grooming you can’t see have going on? What will the new employee’s desk look like in 2 months?

If nothing good comes to mind, let’s be real. Go grab a nail brush and some hand lotion and take care of that. Now.

Limited edition Spring 2017, Dior

I’m loving OPIs Infinite Shine. Great staying power and vibrant colors. Spring 2017 Fiji collection.

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